Super excited to receive it as I swear by your lactation AOK when my small man was born in august and had to be in special care it helped my Milk come in quick and strong so we were able to get him off formula within his first week!  I have been recommending it to all my new mum friends

* J Stennhouse

I was on Zoppiclone (sleeping pills) for 2 and a half years, I was offered to try Perfect Relaxant by you guys, and i'm so glad i did, these have helped me go back to natural sleeping, and does help relax the mind and muscle! I live by your product and recommend others to try these!

*K Carr

Your product Plantago, i use this for my kids, as one of my children gets very inflamed when bitten by mosquito's or sand flies, I use your product to help sooth the inflammation and redness, such a great product! I have referred to other's to buy this.

*S Williams

It was recommended to use your product plantago for my newly done tattoo, and what a great product to use! It kept my tattoo moist which helped it from getting itchy, also noticed it kept the in depth coloring! I recommend this to others!

*M Hall

Love your product Naso Clear, i find other products that i used to use very harsh and way too strong, and would make my eyes constantly water. Thanks again and will recommend to others.

*S Joans

I have a minor allergic reaction to Hazelnuts, but found the L-ER-G Power very useful! 

*K Herewini

 Loving the new Perfect Relaxant capsules. Sorted my twitchy legs😍

*S Roberts

I am an university student, and i find it hard to relax after my exams or study, i have been taking perfect relaxant capsules, and i have found these to be a very useful product, i  have recommended to other students to use these.

*J Stanley

Plantago - What a great product to use for newly tattoos, i got my tattoo done just after christmas, and i love the fact that my tattoo did not scab, it took away the itch and the coloring is still like new! I recommend Plantago to anyone who is getting new tattoos, such a great product.

*M Bartlett

I had to write to you to say that i love the Perfect Relaxant! I get really bad period pains which comes with back pains, twitching in my legs, headaches and neck pains, i did take 4 capsules at first and it worked a treat! Thank you so much team

*J Desmond


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