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Boost your Immune System

Be Wise before you IMMUNISE

Take Immune Support to maximize your Immuno Response (Suitable for Adults, Children and Infants)

Ideally Immune Support should be taken 7 to 14 days prior vaccination if you decide this option for this Winter.

Natural immuno competency occurs when you come into contact with an infection and your immune system responds to it.

Immune Support may also reduce the chances of becoming ill due to infection, reduce symptoms, severity and overcome the infection faster supporting natural immuno responses.

So purchase Immune Support today for you, your family or even a friend in need.

Be wise if you decide to Immunise, use Immune Support to protect yourself and your family the best way possible.

Vaccinations are an attempt to produce immune-competency toward a specific antigen (infection). We introduce an antigen (usually an inert virus imitation that can’t replicate) into the body so that the immune system produces memory cells that recognize that antigen. This in theory means that the bodies immune response reacts faster should that antigen enters the body at some later date and that we have a more favorable response, less serve symptoms and speedier recovery from that infection.

If your immune system is lowered or compromised for any reason, the symptoms from vaccinations may be similar to or more severe than the active infection itself ((possibly leading to autoimmune disease or neurological abnormalities)).

Just because you have been vaccinated against the mumps, measles, whooping cough, flu, etc. this does not prevent us  from being infected or spreading those infections and experiencing symptoms associated with those infections.

The immune response is only active against that specific antigen (infection) that we are vaccinated against, vaccinations may not protect us from any other strain of flu virus or other infections that we come in contact with.

Vaccinated people may:

  • Get the infection
  • Spread the infection
  • Experience symptoms

Many people believe that a body in good health will be able to protect itself from these infections and in fact will develop far better immune-competency against all environmental pathogens (infections) in a more normal natural manner than when exposed to artificial stimulation such as vaccinations.
Under ideal circumstances immune-competency should be fully developed by the age of puberty.

Things that are not good for your Immune System are:

  • White sugar
    • Energy Drinks etc.
    • Soft Drinks
    • Lollies
    • Biscuits
    • Cakes
    • Chocolates

Excessive and long term explosive to stresses

  • Phyiscal
    • Over Work
    • Over Training/Exercise
  • Emotional
    • Work
    • Home
  • Nutritional
    • Deficiency predominantly Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Healthy Fats, Wholefoods, Water and Oxygen
  • Lifestyle
    • Low physical activity
    • Discontented with one's situation
    • Lack of goals and achievements

For more information or if you would like some advice, please don't hesitate to email as we are always happy to help.


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